As the legal successor of the Industrial Building Design
Company established in 1948, IPARTERV Épülettervező
ZRt (IPARTERV Building Design Private Limited Company) has
occupied a determinant position in the Hungarian
building sector. The main line of its activity has been the
complex designing of buildings including area preparation,
settlement planning and civil engineering projects.
The Company achieved its first successes in the
industrialization of the building sector. Their achievements
in that domain were recognized by August Perret prize
(1961) and Golden Trophy (EUROPREFAB, 1974).
In addition to designing building systems using precast
reinforced concrete elements, the Company has become
the basic designer of several lightweight construction
systems in Hungary.

The Company has also carried out important work in the
introduction and propagation of system-building
conceptions. In addition to construction of industrial
buildings, IPARTERV’s scope of activity now covers the
whole building sector.

In 2013 our company has started
full structural construction as part of activity.