The Industrial Buildings Consulting Co. (IPARTERV) was founded by the state in 1948, to handle the designing tasks on the complex projects related to the industrialization of the country.

The firm has played a leading role in the introduction of industrialised building, in developing prefabricated light-weight structures. Prompted by the decline of industrial projects in the early 80ies, the highly qualified staff has produced the designs for a growing number of public and residential, rather than industrial buildings. The majority of the recent assignments has consisted of designs for office, cultural and sport buildings, research institutes laboratories, educational and medical facilities. Over the past several reconstruction projects were handled with a wide range of complexity, including the designs of shops and banks within existing buildings, yet also the reconstruction of theatre and museum buildings. A wealth of experience has thus been collected in complicated structural engineering and demanding architecture. The firm has provided professional services - evidently on industrial projects - for foreign clients in the 1950ies already, alone or in association with foreign consultants. After 1989 co-operation with foreign partners has intensified in joint-venture forms, then on project-based forms.
The services offered by IPARTERV Plc. cover virtually the entire field of the building industry, including full range expertise on complex projects, project organisation and management, lead consultancy services with auxiliary activities like research and technical development, environmental engineering, foreign contracting, representation of foreign consultants. Of the activities listed above, the firm concentrates on, and has gained most extensive experience in architecture, civil- and structural engineering, further management and supervision of the facilities designed on real industrial tasks.
Since we are member of the European Union, our activities also include investment projects, technical consultancy tasks supported by the EU.

The crucial date in the history of IPARTERV was October 1, 1991, when the company turned into a Public Limited Company, (what was changed into Private Limited Company from the 1st of January 2006,) the majority of the shares being owned by staff members and the management.

We provide our tasks in complex, multidiscipline way (architecture, structural-, mechanical engineering, structural construction) by a staff of nearly 40 persons.